About project

AREA  300 SQ.M.
Bold and atypical name in form and image for a restaurant and bar.
7-0-0 is exactly the time when a restaurant turns into a bar, the point at
which, at first glance, imperceptible metamorphoses occur.
We have created an interior for both a restaurant and a bar at the same time: lighting scenarios work for different target audiences, and a huge video wall makes the interior interactive and creates a new, unique atmosphere every day
The IERONIM project consists of seven light elements located in a vertical compositional plane in the center of the space, combining the lightness and airiness of the design, as well as the contrast of colors, textures and materials expressed in the form of modular panels encircling the vertical main line of the lamp. The main idea of the lamp was the creation of an artistic product, where each panel and detail is made by hand by master artists on panels made of copper, minted by sculptors. Each panel is unique, and represents a part of an exclusive mottled composite image. The panels are made in the technique of hot glaze on copper, each of which was made separately by applying a dry powder glaze on copper, followed by single or double firing in an oven.