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Blade Hookah Bar is a unique conceptual hookah space and signature bar of the renowned Blade Hookah brand, known for its modern, designer, and technologically advanced products in the global hookah market.

Our task was to create a bright and professionally equipped lounge bar that would correspond to the new format of hookah establishments with an emphasis on professionalism. ... The idea was to create a space with maximum comfort for seating and a highly functional workspace. Considering the significant distance between the columns framing the bar's contour, we developed the concept of an organizer island. This table with numerous drawers and a specially perfected ventilation system became the compositional center of the interior. Every work detail was thought out so that the artisan could work efficiently, minimizing unnecessary movements.

At the core of the concept lies the city of Omsk as the birthplace of the Blade Hookah brand. Known as the second sunniest city in Russia, Omsk basks in sunshine for most of the year, yet its winter lasts 187 days. This dynamic contrast of sunny days and long winters inspired our design - accent yellow circles, reminiscent of radiant sunbeams, contrast with the cold blue glow of the shelves.

Russia, Omsk, Lenina, 7

Area: 200 m2

Year: 2023

Interior design: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Anna Nikolaeva

Photo by Ratmir Nasiev