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About project

The new Skuratov Coffee house is the 10th place of Skuratov network in Omsk, and the 25th in Russia opened at Tukhachevskogo Embankment, 16. Our mission was to make it bright and different from the others.

We focused on the contrast of textures: granite, terrazzo flooring, moisture-resistant plywood, and concrete. There is a large office in the adjacent room, which can be seen from a round window in the adjacent wall. Zoning with ceiling decoration and non-trivial lamps in all areas of the coffee house make this design unique. One of the walls depicts the Heimlich, which shows a sequence of actions that can help a choking person. It was painted by the Omsk artist Anya Vishnya.

This coffee house is located in a rather unusual place. The Tukhachevsky embankment is an unobvious historical center of Omsk city. The most of the city universities and the Pushkin State Library are located nearby. Inside the coffee house in the area of 69 square meters, there are about thirty seats. It is divided into areas for companies with a large table and benches with smaller tables, and an isolated area for a quiet pastime, work or business.
There is also a separate area of ​​the alternative bar with high comfortable chairs and summer terrace. On the brew-bar menu, you will find coffee made with the Kyoto towers – another method of making coffee in cold water. This method uses two glass flasks connected by a spiral. Put coffee in the upper flask, pour cold water with ice and wait until it drips drop by drop through the spiral.

Russia, Omsk,  nab. Tuhachevskogo 16

Area: 69 m2

Year: 2020

Interior designers: Konstantin Ostroukhov

Photo by Sergey Ahmetov