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Kook is the second establishment of the Korean bistro chain in Moscow. These are modern, bright, dynamic restaurants with similar cuisine, which are aimed at a young audience. As the flagship project of the Kook network, it was our mission to infuse this space with the playful madness and infectious energy of modern Korea and its captivating K-pop culture.

Inspired by the Korean concept-store, where shopping becomes a visual experience, we have created a similar atmosphere tailored specifically for dining. Here, furniture and art objects blur the lines between art and design, providing a unique space that beckons not only for the delicious cuisine but also for the abundance of "selfie points." ...

Despite the limited space, we managed to accommodate an ample number of seating without compromising comfort and ergonomics. Cleverly arranged furniture and neon lighting in various hues divide the interior into three distinct sections, creating different zones within a unified space. The generous arched windows and high ceilings infuse the area with a sense of openness despite its compact dimensions. We opted for exposed ceilings, incorporating copious amounts of lighting and mirrors to amplify the sense of expansiveness.

At the heart of the interior lies a wall adorned with 24 circular, backlit windows, peering into the kitchen below. These windows boast the signature colors of the Kook brand, adding a touch of whimsy to the floating bench beneath. Executing this intricate feature was a challenge, but under our watchful eyes, the construction team brought it to life exactly as we envisioned. Nearly everything in the venue is custom-made based on individual blueprints, from panels mimicking a recording studio to the "wet floor" sign.

The interior is replete with an abundance of art objects, each one contributing to the unique character of the space. From a voluminous brand mascot to a chandelier crafted from plastic tubes, and a merchandise vending machine-inspired sales area, to microphone-shaped light fixtures and an administrator station fashioned from galvanized metal - every piece tells a story. A modern interpretation of a scrolling LED display, which has become a signature element for the network, enhances the overall ambiance, reflecting Kook's dynamic approach.

Russia, Moscow

Area: 63 m2

Year: 2023

Interior designers: Nikolay Yarin, Konstantin Ostroukhov, Anna Nikolaeva, Ekaterina Daugel-Dauge

Photo by Roman Alexeev