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For the Chesee-knock project, we embraced a minimalist design philosophy, focusing on enhancing the dining experience by making the cuisine the centerpiece. To alleviate visual clutter and create a warm, inviting atmosphere, we employed warm wood tones and soft velour on the sofas, creating a space that is both comfortable and intuitive. The furniture, accented with bright, modern touches, reinforces a contemporary, vibrant feel, reflecting the Knock Family's values.

Previously a Subway restaurant, the space required extensive renovations including structural removals, ceiling exposure, and the expansion of space-consuming columns. These columns, once a hindrance, were transformed into an intriguing, monumental feature, preserved in their original form but coated in a unique plaster to differentiate from the rest of the interiors. ...

Addressing the challenges posed by Siberia's harsh winters, we designed a combination vestibule and wardrobe area to manage the influx of heavy clothing and shield against cold drafts. This area features an open design with a curtain made from a metal framework and corrugated glass, mirroring the bar's aesthetic.

A major highlight of the space is a large, oval table that seats six, equipped with a uniquely designed base and distinctive overhead lighting, creating an engaging zone that draws attention and invites diners to linger. This functional yet stylish approach not only meets practical needs but also enhances the overall dining experience.

Russia, Omsk

Area: 110 m2

Year: 2024

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Artem Rechitsky

Photo by Ratmir Nasiev