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Bold and atypical name in form and image for a restaurant and bar. 7-0-0 is exactly the time when a restaurant turns into a bar, the point at which, at first glance, imperceptible metamorphoses occur. We have created an interior for both a restaurant and a bar at the same time: lighting scenarios work for different target audiences, and a huge video wall makes the interior interactive and creates a new, unique atmosphere every day. 

During the process of creating a project for 7 0 0, we were faced with the task of completely changing the previous interior of the restaurant. We replaced almost all the elements: floor coverings, ceiling systems, lighting system, and all the walls got a new finish. Despite the open spaces of the restaurant, there have also been big changes in the layouts: the second floor has become a separate isolated hall with panoramic glazing. ...

An important element that unites the two halls of the restaurant is the staircase. We could not but pay special attention to it, therefore, on the basis of existing structures, a calculation and a reinforcement project were carried out, as well as a complete change in appearance.

In the second floor space we have created a lounge area with a special atmosphere: this is an isolated room with its own bar, bathroom and even a separate VIP room. The main wall of the lounge area is covered with a special projector paint, which allows you to project a very high-quality picture and make the space interactive and unique: here you can create an atmosphere depending on the season, events and even the wishes of guests.

Russia, Omsk,  St. Gagarina, 14

Area: 300 m2

Year: 2022

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov

Photo by Victory Chistilina

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