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Our client's requirements were clear: to develop an interior design concept and brand style from scratch for an affordable yet high-quality and modern dining establishment. One of the standout features of these projects is the seamless division of space to accommodate two distinct culinary concepts. The strategic layout allows Doner & Draft and Bau Asia to coexist harmoniously within the same premises. 

Doner & Draft: At the heart of the first concept, Doner & Draft, lies an ode to the beloved doner, reinvented with a contemporary twist. The interior seamlessly blends modern sophistication with urban aesthetics, creating an inviting and trendy atmosphere. Raw brick walls, metal tables, and chairs, along with welded structures and vandal-resistant glass, infuse an urban edge into the space. The result is a vibrant setting that immerses guests in the dynamic energy of a bustling marketplace. ...

Bau Asia: In the second concept, Bau Asia, we celebrate the vibrant flavors and rich culinary heritage of pan-Asian cuisine. The design elements pay homage to the authentic street markets that have been the heart and soul of Asian cultures. Walls clad in profiled sheeting, brick-based countertops, and vegetable crate stools transport guests to the bustling markets of Asia. To enhance authenticity, certain decorative elements and tableware were specifically sourced from Thailand for this project.

The clever use of bar counters as compositional focal points serves as a metaphorical representation of market stalls, defining the core of each interior.

Moscow, St. Baumanskaya, 32

Area: 130 m2

Year: 2023

Interior designers: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Nikolay Yarin, Artem Rechitsky

Photo by Roman Alexeev