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We are a professional architecture firm based in Barcelona

Who we are

Maket studio is a Barcelona based interior studio founded by Konstantin Ostroukhov and Nikolay Yarin.The studio integrates architecture, interior environments, and branding design.

We are design experts; we strive to create spaces and objects that reflect the society we live in, or better yet, the one we dream about. We believe that a beautiful object, a restaurant, a space, or a piece of furniture can have a profound impact on our daily lives and drive business too. Our focus is to seek significance in the interplay between people and their environment.

We work worldwide with love, conscience, coherence and freedom. And we aspire to collaborate with people who share our values and are willing to break the rules.

Meet The Team

Since our founding in 2015, our award-winning multidisciplinary team work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world

CEO, Founder

Konstantin Ostroukhov

Konstantin’s designs are characterized by a harmonious fusion of elegance, modernity, and emotional resonance. He believes that every space tells a unique story and endeavors to translate his clients’ visions into captivating realities. With a meticulous attention to detail, Konstantin expertly balances form and function, creating environments that evoke a range of emotions and cater to the practical needs of occupants.

His style is marked by a celebration of vibrant colors, striking textures, and innovative use of materials. Konstantin draws inspiration from his extensive travels, cultural influences, and nature, seamlessly integrating these elements into his designs. He has a knack for infusing spaces with a sense of playfulness and intrigue, incorporating subtle surprises and thoughtful details that engage and delight.

«I craft enigmatic puzzles and riddles within my spaces, challenging those who interact with my interiors to unravel their mysteries. Design is not merely a collection of elements; it is a narrative, a legend, a story waiting to be discovered»

Co-Founder, Head Architect

Nikolay Yarin

Nikolay’s design style is rooted in minimalism, where less is more. However, he believes that the concept behind a design is more crucial than adhering strictly to a particular style. He skillfully combines different design aesthetics to accentuate specific ideas and narratives. In his interiors, Nikolay strives to balance physical ergonomics with emotional resonance, creating spaces that are not only functional but also evoke a particular atmosphere and essence.

Nikolay believes that the function is the cornerstone of good design. Every element in an interior, whether it’s furniture, lighting, or decor, should serve a purpose and contribute to the overall functionality of the space. He avoids superfluous elements, even in the realm of decor, ensuring that every component adds value and meaning to the design.

“If design is considered a language, my message to people is clear: Design exists primarily for people. Without the human element, design loses its meaning and purpose. My emphasis is that design is not art but a powerful tool that enhances and enriches people’s lives”

What We Do

We have specialized in architectural planning and interior design for commercial projects for hospitality, retail, and workplace sectors. With our extensive experience we have developed a deep understanding of the diverse needs and nuances of each industry.

We believe that visual and emotional comfort are equally vital components of a successful interior design. Therefore, our design process begins by identifying the harmonious intersection between functionality and emotional resonance, seamlessly integrating them into a cohesive space.

Our manifesto

Each project has a context. We study it before we start.


First, concept. Then, design.


We think like architects, not decorators.


We don’t design for designers.We design for people.


Our design is a language, not a style. Styles come and go.


Our achievements


IAD awards 2023 Heads
A'Design Award 2021 Hello Papaya VTB
C-IDEA New Star Award 2020 Hello Papaya VTB


Interior+Design 2023 Sant
Interior+Design 2023 U.bistro
Interior+Design 2023 Opart
Archi ru 2023 U.bistro
Interior+Design 2022 HelloPapaya Filicity
The Village 2022 J-pan
Antenna Daily 2022 J-pan
Antenna Daily 2021 Touch of Matcha