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About project

When developing the concept, the fact that the coffee shop was located next to the Botanical Garden of Moscow University was taken into account. This is a historical monument and so the interior was designed in a classical style. However, we did not create traditional classics, but used design elements of hotels and motels of the 30-50s. Brass elements, marble shelves and wood finish emphasize this direction.

We took into account the peculiarity of the architecture of the building, as it is not typical for Russia. For the external lighting of the building, ball-shaped luminaires are used, so we used luminaires of the same shape. The facade is decorated in blue-green shades, so we decided to use these colors for the interior design. On a small area of 28m2 we favored bar seating, having designed a table with a wide table top, so that it would be convenient to work or read at it. As a decorative element, we used a neon sign, which we developed on the basis of a map of the Omsk region (the region of Russia where the Skuratov Coffee brand was created)

Russia, Moscow,  Mira 26/1

Area: 28 m2

Year: 2017

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov

Photo by Leonid Syomov