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RA'MEN is the second restaurant of chain, nestled within the premises of Vinzavod. Our mission was to maintain the overarching brand direction while considering the unique characteristics of the space, tight timelines, and a limited budget.

The primary idea behind the project was to create a Japanese restaurant and bar experience catered to a youthful target audience. RA'MEN at Vinzavod is a place where cosplayers, anime enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates modern Japanese culture come together. It is more of a bar setting, offering a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. ...

One of the notable advantages of the space is its unified volume, complemented by a small stage. Leveraging this characteristic, we crafted modular seating arrangements that can be effortlessly adapted to cater to various events and formats.

The interior composition revolves around distinct zones that visually demarcate the space. At the center, a blue table adorned with a suspended logo acts as a magnetic focal point, evoking a sense of identity and character. The stage, adorned with vibrant neon art, injects excitement and sets the perfect backdrop for performances and entertainment. Finally, an dynamic backlit panel enthralls visitors, infusing the environment with an enchanting glow.

Russia, Moscow, Vinzavod

Area: 120 m2

Year: 2023

Interior designers: Konstantin Ostroukhov & Nikolay Yarin

Photo by Roman Alexeev