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Opart is the optical gallery in Rostov-on-Don. The concept of the Opart brand is not just an optical store, but an art gallery where glasses are presented as artworks and interspersed with paintings, photography and sculpture. Interior also emphasizes this concept. The space divided into different halls shows an exhibition atmosphere. Colors and surfaces flowing smoothly from one hall to another and set the direction of movement and allow guests to well orient themselves in the space. ...

The optical store is located in a building that is more than a hundred years old, so we tried to approach the existing architecture and finishes as carefully as possible, although not much remains of it. So even small details were very important for us. Whole exposition seems to be placed inside an old untouched room: we tried to preserve pieces of broken stucco, wooden beams on the ceilings and brickwork.

 In this project, we play with the world perception under various optics. "Clouded" gradient mirrors, colored glasses and on the contrary - clear and contrasting color combinations. It shows the diversity of different lenses but also point of views. 

In addition to the exposition, there are optometry rooms and a workshop - bright and maximally clean, sterile rooms, which at the same time obey the general concept of space and visually connect with the main halls.

Russia, Rostov-on-Don, St. Pushkinskaya, 116

Area: 160 m2

Year: 2022

Interior designer: Nikolay Yarin

Photo by Inna Kablukova

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