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Bodro Coffee is the first project for this growing chain of affordable coffee shops. Our client required a modern, bright interior using affordable but elegant materials, designed for a variety of customers - from young people to office workers in nearby business centers.

The main objective was to create a cozy yet minimalistic space that meets the standards of modern coffee shops. Throughout the design process, the project's budget was paramount. Therefore, we chose easily scalable solutions and materials available nationwide. Drawing inspiration from Asian design, we incorporated elements such as understated concrete floors and plywood that brought warmth to the atmosphere.


The neon signs and lights are not just sources of illumination, they create an atmosphere where time seems to slow down and the flavor of the coffee becomes even more intense. At Bodro Coffee, we seamlessly combine simplicity and functionality, providing easy scalability while maintaining the individuality of each establishment. Bright accents in furniture and neon lighting add character, ensuring brand recognition and memorability.

Russia, Moscow

Area: 45 m2

Year: 2023

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Nikolay Yarin, Roman Borchukov

Photo by Roman Alexeev