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Bodro Bakery - our second project for the Bodro Coffee team. The design is focused on smooth, flowing shapes inspired by the baking process and the shapes of croissants depicted in the bakery's logo. These themes are reflected throughout the interior: amorphous mirrors, mimicking rolled dough, add a sense of fluidity and dynamism. They not only visually expand the space but also add playfulness and lightness to the interior.

The space, located in a newly constructed residential complex, had a rough finish with minimal need for demolition, giving us creative freedom in the layout. Despite the challenges posed by inconveniently located utilities, we developed soft drywall forms to conceal them and give the interior a softer look. ...

The walls are adorned with stripes that resemble stretched dough. These lines create a sense of movement and fluidity, as if the dough has just been stretched by a skilled baker. This design element symbolizes the baking process and highlights the craftsmanship and manual labor invested in each Bodro Bakery product. These stripes add dynamism and originality to the space, transforming it from a simple place to buy bread into a true gallery of culinary art.

Russia, Moscow

Area: 106 m2

Year: 2024

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Olga Potapova

Photo by Roman Alexeev