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The emphasis on the brand is the basis around which the entire interior is built. The use of bright, saturated colors, typical for Lavash, creates a unique sense of presence in the space, where every detail works for recognition. Bright yellow tiles, like the sun of the East, fill the space with warmth and light, and geometric shapes of furniture and decor elements embody the clarity and conceptual approach to design. All the furniture is made in building design, which guarantees the ease of replication of the network. ...

The basis of the concept is the use of construction and architectural techniques in interior design, which allows not only to reduce the time and budget for implementation, but also to distinguish the institution against the background of others. Simplicity of lines and naturalness of materials is what makes the space recognizable and memorable.

The room is divided into two halls, so we implemented two compositional centers. Both cores are made in yellow color: in the first hall there is an accent table with bar seating, and in the far hall there was designed a "pool", highlighted by a combination of yellow tiles and dark graphite walls.


Area: 98 m2

Year: 2022

Interior designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov, Nikolay Yarin

Photo by Ivan Mart